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We are a digital marketing company in Essex offering results-oriented digital marketing services (SEO, PPC, Web Design, Online Reputation Management and Business Cards Design with Professional Logo) for service-based businesses. Because people use the search engine to find information or local services. You want customers looking for your services to be able to access your website and contact you. Well this can only happen if you are on the first page of Google search result. We are Essex based digital marketing Agency and we believe in accountability to drive positive ROI to reach our clients goals. Our talented team of SEO experts provides marketing solutions that will make you stand out from your competition and are tailored exactly to your business goals and objectives so you can generate more leads online.

Improve your online presence to make more sales

Looking for a digital marketing agency in Essex that can help you generate consistent leads?
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To spend resources building a good website and it does not show up when your potential customers are searching for your services on Google is definitely a waste of money.


On any given day, your customer may or may not visit your website or social media pages but they check their email every day, if not multiple times a day.


If you're looking to increase your website revenue, Our Marketing Strategies will do exactly that for your business: More visitors, increase in sales and business growth


Ranking on the first page will surely get your phone to ring a lot more. We'll get you to be present when your customers are searching.for your services

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Digital Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing All About ?
Digital marketing is the process of generating leads and sales for a business using digital channels such as Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising, content, email, social media, etc. It’s a must for small businesses today to use digital marketing as more than 70-80% of people research about a company online before making their purchase decisions. Yet, a huge number of small businesses don’t have websites. And a large number of companies that do have a website don’t show up even for their own brand names. The thing is that without the right digital marketing strategy and execution, even an effective small business mobile responsive website isn’t DISCOVERABLE by its target audience … resulting in a loss of leads, phone calls and sales.
Why Engage a Digital Marketing Company ?
The #1 benefit of engaging a digital marketing company is that you don’t have to hire or train a bunch of in-house resources on leveraging or maximizing the different digital marketing channels. Digital marketing agencies like marketing blitz have in-house experts for full stack digital marketing services like Seo services to improve your rankings on Google, Google AdWords, Website design, Client Acquisition, etc. and work at a fraction of the cost of hiring/training in-house resources. Also, when a professional digital marketing company takes over your business’s digital marketing, you’ll start generating leads much sooner as there’s no ‘trial and error.’
Mobile Responsive Web Design & Development
As a digital marketing company, our primary focus is to grow your business. And while using tactics like search engine optimization, pay per click ads, Online Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Blogging, etc. helps us bring leads to your website, they aren’t enough. If your website isn’t mobile responsive and designed to convert, bringing all these leads to your website fails in getting any tangible business growth. But with our web design services, we take care of this. Our web design services focus on building beautiful and conversion-friendly websites for our service-focused clients.
PPC and Google Ads Management services
With Google AdWords, your service’s ads will show up on Google’s first page when your ideal clients look for your services. Paid Search campaigns including Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Display Ads, Facebook Ads , Linkedin Marketing and more can generate immediate and predictable leads for your business. Adwords and pay per click advertising is also great if you want to build brand awareness.

The Methodology of Our Digital Marketing Services

Understanding your business goals
In the first step of our digital marketing services, we figure out what your business’s top goals are. Typically, these goals are: 1) getting more sales, 2) getting more leads, 3) getting ‘better’ leads, 4) closing more leads, and 5) increasing brand awareness. Understanding your digital marketing goals is important because that also shows us why you aren’t meeting your goals currently. For instance, if your business website is all up and running, and if you’re struggling with getting leads, then we’ll figure out what’s wrong with you’re doing right now lead-generation wise. Basically, the first step of our digital marketing services is more or less an audit of your current marketing efforts and seeing how they stack up against your ‘real’ business goals. The goal is to spot all the ‘leaks’ in your current client acquisition process so we can improve to help you make more sales online. Get started today! call us now
Setting up your website for success
In the second step of our digital marketing services, we’ll work with you on your website (which is the home base of your digital marketing efforts) and set it up for success. In case you don’t have a website, we’ll build one for you. And in case we don’t see any visible website design and functionality issues with your current website setup, we’ll skip this step and go to the next one.
Making your digital marketing plan
In step #4 of our digital marketing services, we’ll put together a detailed, documented digital marketing plan for your business. Our digital marketing plan summarizes all that we believe to be not working with your current web marketing efforts and also the details about the digital marketing channels we’ll pursue to fix them (with quick explanations into why we chose the channels that we chose). In most cases, we’ll also give estimates of the relevant, quality traffic that our efforts could bring to your website. Or, the number of leads (in case of paid ad campaigns). And so on. Because our digital marketing services are geared toward getting more clients for your service-based business, the digital marketing plan that we make for you also has a focus on your client acquisition.
Optimizing the different campaigns so they get the best ROI (+ reporting)
Once we’ve got all your digital marketing campaigns rolling, we’ll look closely and monitor their performance. Each month (or each day in the case of PPC campaigns), we’ll analyze their performance to measure the results against the key goals from the first step and make tweaks or adjustments so that their overall performance improves. During this step, we’ll also routinely update you on how your different digital marketing campaigns are performing. To get the best results, businesses must engage digital marketing services for at least 6 months. Quite a few of the 60+ clients we’ve served have been with us for way over this period.

Improve your online presence to make more sales

Looking for a digital marketing agency in Essex that can help you generate consistent leads?
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